Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shut up!

Get outta here! No way!  

I just got a Blogger Award

Ain't it something?

I was honoured as a Beautiful Blogger (check out my new, sexy button in my blog's side bar) by lovely Shannon over at Managing Mommyhood. She has 4 boys. FOUR. BOYS. She must be Ghandi. I just got an award from Ghandi.

WOOHOO! Thank you Sh-andi (Ghandi+Shannon merged) for making my day!

So, being relatively new to the blogosphere, I did some in depth research Googled this cyberspace accolade. Not only is it totally legit, but there are also rules to abide by. I’m shaking in me boots. Must.follow.rules.always:

1/ Thank the person that nominated you ✓
2/ Put the award up on your blog ✓
3/ Post a link the the person that nominated you ✓
4/ Post 7 interesting facts about yourself ✓ (keep reading, scroll down..)
5/ Nominate other people you think deserve the award. (research on award suggests nominating 7 other people, but Shannon generously nominated 12. Again. Ghandi. I'm going to go with 7 seeing it's peak hour/bath/bottle/bed time for Sticky Baby. Hope that's ok?) ✓ (again, further down, don’t doubt me)

Ok, so 7 interesting facts about myself. Be prepared to be riveted. Here goes:
  • I have an 'outie' bellybutton. You know you want one.
  • I used to play the violin and the trumpet. Yes, the trumpet. 
  • I can do the 'Charleston' dance from the 1900s 
  • I know most words to most Britney Spears songs. Skillz.
  • I type like a bat outta hell. Speed demon on the keyboard.
  • When I was in primary school I was a superdooper fast runner. Don't know what happened after that.
  • I speak fluent French
And my awards for truly kick-aissshh blogs go to...

Ptit Poisson
A Modern Girl’s Life
The Grapefruit Diaries
The Daily Julie
Dear Baby
Harper’s Happenings

Just like the Oscars, I can hear the invisible orchestra starting to play their ‘shut up and move on’ tune. Beyond rude, by the way.

Thanks for reading everyone! Don’t forget to vote for us using the brown Top Mommy Blogs button in my right side bar, or even easier, just click HERE! Cheers m’dears!


Mrs G said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! massive congrats to you Mama L :) You are a true will be proud to know that I have set up a blog too! in super early stages so am not making public just yet, but you were right...very easy. Just trying to think of a name now...I had La Mama G but then I realised that its too similar to yours! lol so am thinking...La Mama y su bebe (the mum and her baby) - corny I know.

LJ said...

Thanks Mama L - You flatter me! I'm putting this button on my blog too!! Check it out:

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