Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things I want for you

Hi lovely rabbit,

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how blessed my childhood was. As a parent now, I have a whole new perspective on just how lucky and conversely how unlucky some children are. I was one of the lucky ones - loved, nurtured, protected, praised, encouraged. It’s like winning the lottery, having a family like that. Some children aren’t so lucky. It makes my heart hurt to think of those babies who don’t have what you have. I don’t want you to ever feel badly for the blessings you have but I do want you to realise just how fortunate you are to have a mum and a dad and extended family that so desperately love you.

For me, my childhood was full of joy, all the time. It was all about innocence and laughter, family and traditions, feeling safe and warm and loved, loved, loved.

There are so many things I want you to experience in your childhood...where to begin?

My list is by no means exhaustive, no way Jose! And it’s all over the place. Here goes...
  • Game nights at home - charades, Monopoly, Boggle, snakes and ladders, whatever you want.
  • Toasted sandwiches-and-TV nights
  • Pool in the morning, pool after a big, fresh, delicious lunch, pool in the afternoon, and pool until you’re ready to fall asleep in your swimming trunks.
  • I want you to have a best friend - someone to share your secrets with, laugh out loud with, depend on.
  • Entire days in the garage ‘tinkering’ with your dad.
  • Feeding the ducks down by the lake with Granski.
  • Afternoons on the golf course with Pop, meeting and chatting with all the regulars.
  • Trips to the dog park with Papy J, where you will get to know every dog by name.
  • Being Mamie N’s kitchen assistant and getting to lick the bowl every time.
  • Sleepovers with your cousins and laughing til your belly hurts - and Auntie F and Uncle G having to come in and tell you all to ‘Be quiet and go to sleep’!
  • Going to a real rock concert with Auntie S. She’ll show you how it’s done.
  • Playing silly word games and singing songs in the car, just to pass the time.
  • Making nutella crepes on a wintry day and staying in pyjamas.
  • Riding your bike, setting up obstacle courses, running until you’re sweaty and sticky and ready for a big cold drink.
  • I want you to be polite and respectful - always using your manners. 
  • I want you to call your mates' parents Mr and Mrs until they tell you otherwise.
  • I want you to be nice to girls - if you don’t understand them you can complain to your father and then you can ask me to explain why they’re so complicated. I’ll give you the answers, I promise!
  • I want you to be loyal and giving and gracious.
  • I want you to reach out and stand up for the underdog even when the rest of the crowd doesn’t. Be that person who smiles at someone who really needs a friend.
  • I want to read lots of great books together. Not only when you’re a little boy, but later too.
  • I want to cook and prepare meals together, even if it’s breakfast items being served for dinner. They’re the best.
  • I want you to dance and laugh and hug and kiss as much as your little heart wants!

So much more to come, my rabbit. I will keep dreaming while you keep growing.


Mum xo


Brooke Hall said...

you kill me! i cry almost every post!

Adriana said...

Lise! after our convo the other night on this very topic, I got a tear reading your blog! so so true.... we were so blessed.

Sister F said...

Shite lise..just got home from SATC 2 and I'm pumped and feeling very free and non mum and then i read this post and all i wanna do is wake the cherubs up so i can hug them and feel proud to be their mum. U r right ...our childhood was extraordinary and what a blessing it was to share it with none other than u!

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