Friday, June 4, 2010


Measuring time by baby milestones makes my head spin.

This morning Papadada moved Sticky Baby’s cot platform down to the lowest level. How are we already at that stage? Wasn’t it just yesterday that he looked so teensy-weensy, swaddled like a glo-worm in that great big bed?

It had to be done. I got the fright of my life a few mornings ago when I walked in to Sticky Baby’s room only to see him sitting bolt upright having a lively conversation with stinky blue rabbit. It was only a matter of days before he would start leaning over the rails and having conversations with the tiles. Enter Papadada with screwdriver kit.

So now we have a crawling chick-pea with a mop of blonde hair, in size 4+ nappies, big and strong enough to sit up in bed, smart enough to say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ (among other words like a doo doo, a di di, choooo, ga gi blllllll - they’re in the dictionary, look them up) and going to school once a week. Head spinningggggg.......

He is 9 months in ten days time. 9 months. How. Before you know it I’ll be planning his first b’day. And then his wedding. Pass me the tissues please.

Time, you are such a sneaky bastard. When we want you to hurry up, you slow right down. When we want you take it easy, you press the fast forward button.

Remedy? Live in the moment. Seize the day. Exist in the now.

Happy weekend everyone! Hope it doesn’t fly by too fast..


Brooke Hall said...

lise, you need to write a book! you always make my day and always hit the nail on the head! so true...they are newborns one minute and toddlers the next!
ps- i want to see a video of the conversations he has in the morning - please try and sneak in!

Mama L said...

Oh peanut, we are blog buddies now! Yayyy! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. They keep me writing girl! Ok, will do a morning recon mission to capture rabbit/baby dialogues...

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