Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christmas in July...sorta

I have been doing Shakira’s Wacca-Wacca-Africa dance around our living room all day. Why? Because I like it. And it makes me think about taking up soccer...for about 2 seconds...and then I slap myself across the face as a reminder that my limbs are ridiculously uncoordinated and who am I to think I could actually dribble a soccer ball without snapping one of my pins and making a total mockery of the sport? Soccer fantasy over. Leave it to the pros in the World Cup. Wacca-wacca-Africa dance still going on in lounge-room though.

Total tangent...sorry.

Happy dance was being performed this morning because the pimply french lad from the post office rang the doorbell and delivered my much-awaited Mothers’ Day pressie! Hells yeah!

Obviously, it’s rather belated. Not Papadada’s fault. Totally my own. Paypal and I aren’t friends. Thought I had paid for it, waited for 3 weeks, contacted the seller and then realised the payment hadn’t gone through because I botched up my passwords or something wack like that. I wanted to punch Paypal in the head. Or maybe myself for having forgotten the password in the first place. Loser-face.

But my first Mothers’ Day gift is here now and will forever be close to my heart ♥

Photo isn’t that clear, but it’s a lovely delicate chain with a hand stamped hammered disc with our 3 initials on it! And a lovely cluster of fresh-water pearl charms alongside.

The lovely Zoe over at Three Sisters Jewelry made this beautiful piece and I am in love with it. So simple, but so special and precious to me. Thanks Zoe. I LOVE! And thank you Papadada, for my beautiful, memorable present xoxo


Zoe said...

Thank YOU - I'm so excited that one of Three Sisters' designs has made it all the way to France from sunny San Diego, California! Thank you!

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