Thursday, July 1, 2010

You’ve got mail

Dear muppet-baby,

These past few days have been filled with so much fun, sun and lots and lots of water!

Summer is finally here. We've been waiting a long time for it this year. All of your lovely warm-weather gear is out on show - your gingham rompers, your checkered diaper-covers and a drawer-full of singlets to show off those baby muscles.

You are, without a doubt, a summer baby. You are happiest shirtless and in a nappy with rosy-red cheeks from crawling too fast and pulling yourself up on everything in sight. I make a point of stopping you in your adventures so you can have a big drink from your blue sippy cup. And then you’re off again!

It’s also been a week of ‘firsts’ for you. Just today, you flapped your arm to wave goodbye to our friends. I’ve been showing you this move every morning, when we wave Daddy off to work. I didn’t realise that you were paying such close attention and simply waiting for the perfect moment to unleash your new skill. It was brilliant, your energetic, bigger-than-life wave.

You also swam in the ocean for the first time, had a dip in a big swimming pool, and captained your new red, inflatable boat that we bought you. You love bobbing up and down in the gentle waves, floating between your father and I as we push you to one another. The water seems to soothe you a great deal - a much needed moment of calm in your otherwise hectic, busy, loud, sweaty day.

You’re a delicious golden-brown colour, like one of the freshly-baked croissants in the bakery window, despite the sunscreen and the big floppy hat we make you wear. When you’re well and truly waterlogged from our time in the sea, your appetite is even more ravenous than usual and you sleep like a newborn babe. Bliss.

When you awake from your seaside dreams, you babble and coo so convincingly that anyone would think you were actually talking! So many new sounds coming out of your mouth, all mashed together to create the most brightly coloured sentences I have ever heard.

Your hair is longer, blonder, curlier. Your teeth have finally outnumbered your limbs. Six in total now. Your legs are so strong, your fingers so nimble. Your smile brighter by the day. Your face more expressive by the minute.

You’re growing into the most amazing little boy.

x Love Maman


Mrs G said...

Lise! absolutely loved this post...that pic of you and Remy on your own is one of the best I have seeing!

Remy - when you read this, your mama and papa are so proud of you and you are such a cute baby! - very aussie boy loving the beach and the water! xx

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