Monday, August 23, 2010

The end of something beautiful...

Forget I’m a mummy-blogger for just a second.

Sticky Baby will not feature in this post. This is serious adult stuff.

I need to vent about reality television.

My balance is out of whack and my stars are misaligned. The Hills is over for good.

Trisha Yearwood sang it best in ConAir when she crooned, "How can I live without you, I want to know, How can I breathe without you, if you ever go".

How can I BREATHE people?! The Hills is gone forever, never to return to my Philips flatscreen. A series that I watched from it’s inception, way back in the Laguna Beach days. Characters that I’ve grown to hate, and hate some more. Audrina, with her fabulously messy hair and vacant stare, Kristin with her twangy Californian accent and joygasmic beach houses, Justin Bobby and his ambiguous one-liners, Brody and his trucker hats, Spencer&Heidi and their freaky crystals. Dear God! I can’t stand not having these losers in my life anymore! And the soundtrack! The aspirational, so-trendy-it-hurts soundtrack! Ripped from my life! Gaaah!

And you think MTV could’ve been kind and not aired the season finale of The City on the same night as the death of The Hills. For the love of staged drama, how much more can one reality TV addict take? At least give me a good dose of Whitney and Kelly Cutrone after ripping my heart out and stomping on it, you sadists! But no, apparently the cold turkey approach is best. Well I’m here to tell you it’s not. I’m twitching, as I type.

A little part of me has died. My brain cells are probably rejoicing at the prospect of no longer being killed off, episode by episode, but my soul is withering.

I’m off to cry in my The Hills themed pillow-case whilst listening to the theme song on repeat.


Mrs G said...

This has been your funniest post so far! Mamma L I have tears from all the laughter...TOTALLY GET WHAT YOU MEAN! City finale hasn't aired here yet, and I don't know what I am going to do for 6 months or so before it comes back (highly reccommend Kourtney & Khloe take Miami! - watched loads of it in the US and was HOOKED!)
Something funny...during the home & away adverts I flick to MTV to watch "The Hills from the beginning" HAHAHA!

Erin said...

It was a sad day in the U.S. as well. I miss them all dearly. And I thought it was bad when LC left. Now they're all gone? It's hard to swallow. I am totes over Speidi in the press. Why can't one of them get a DUI or something, just a glimpse! Dear US Weekly, if you're reading this, at least give us a Steven Colleti update or something! And I am so sad for you that it's so behind in France! When will you get the Kardashians?! I'll try not to spoil anything...

Natalie said...

I heart the Hills, but lets be real it wasn't the same after LC left. Rumor is Brody is getting a spin-off show....
so glad you made the eggplant casserole and your hubs liked it! Mine really likes it too, although he prefers when I cook with meat. but I love a vegetarian meal!

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