Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Does this not scream summer to you? Two little dudes sucking the life out of chunks of cold watermelon? Bliss. This is Sticky Baby’s best friend, Jax. He is 18 months old, eight months older than the sticky one. People often wonder if they are brothers, as they really do look alike...(although Jax is randomly staring at his big toe in this photo, so you probably can’t tell. Also, Jax’s daddy is Samoan. How on earth do these two look alike???) TOTAL TANGENT. Anyway, these two are cute as pie, and hang out trés trés regularly. They are as boisterous as one another, as loud, as messy, as excitable, as loveable. Double trouble. Jax’s mum and I rely on each other for endless cups of tea and obscene amounts of play dates to fill our days. We speak the same language, we understand one another - Being the mums of boys like these two, you’ve got to stick together. She is  my Mumbrella...(Oh my Lord, I think I’ve coined a new word! Should I copyright it? Ok, here goes. ©)


LJ said...

Damn cute - summer fresh!!

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