Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What the?

Evenings in our house run a little like this: I feed Sticky Baby his dinner, the three of us have a play on the rug, Papadada & Son head upstairs for tandom male showering, while I finish up our dinner preps, whizz around the house for a turbo-clean, and prepare Sticky Baby’s bottle. 


Some time around 6:45pm, I hear my two men walking down the stairs. So fresh and so clean. We do the baby transfer, and I settle down on the couch to give Sticky Baby the sacred and much loved ‘bedtime bottle’.

Although tonight, things looked a little different. Sticky Baby looked, well, confused. Or at least his pjs did.....

I laughed so hard. Papadada didn’t even realise he had put the pyjamas on back to front. He thought it was a new design. Friggin’ hilarious. Priceless.


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