Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First steps for baby-kind..

And he's off!

How exciting is that?! Yesterday was such a huge afternoon for us all. Sticky Baby was thrilled with himself. I was pretty chuffed too. His newborn days flashed before my eyes when he took those first steps...How do they grow and learn so fast??

(Excuse the ugg boots and the mulletted hair. Don't know what was going on there. Now it's captured for eternity. Great. I can hear it already, "Yo Ma, what was with the hair?")


Mrs G said...

What a magical moment Mama L! absolutely devine...
LOL about the mullet and the ugg boots...wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned!

Brooke Hall said...

yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! i know your family was so happy to be there to witness such a special moment! i love you and hope you are having a great time! sending you a bog hug and kiss!

Sister F said...

Hooray Remy! What a smart lad (must be genetic...I hear his aunt is a genius) for walking AND teething at the same time. U multi tasker u!! Don't walk to fast buddy as I don't want u running away from me this weekend as I shower u with aunty love x

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