Thursday, November 25, 2010

The arrival of Mother Teresa

(In the back of a cab in New York City circa. 2006.  Ahhh, I look so FRESH and YOUNG!)

Today, at 12:40pm, one of my dearest, bestest friends in the whole wide world is coming to visit!!! Her name is Teresa, and seriously, she may as well be the Saint of Friendships. We met in steamy Singapore, in a 4-story model house, back in 2003. Amid the sea of 14-year old, eastern-european waifs, and huge-ego’d male models, we spotted one another, clicked over a bowl of 2-minute noodles (yes, we were the only ones eating), and the rest is history! We traveled and worked our way through Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New York City. We have cried over lost loves, laughed ’til the tears rolled down our faces, and danced in crazy thai night-clubs. She read a beautiful psalm at our wedding, and witnessed my growing belly over Skype. She knows my sister, my parents, my grandparents and all my dirty little secrets. She is my sister from another mother and I thank GOD that I get to spend a whole week with her! She will finally meet Sticky Baby, and that is a moment I cannot wait for. 
Oh the joy of reunions!


Sister F said...

Here here on all of that. I'm green with envy and yet so happy that u 2 are together. Have a blast. I think u'll meet the man of your dreams in sticky baby T. He's bite worthy hahaha. Lots of love and miss u loads x

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