Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big-ass news

So, I’ve been keeping a wee secret. In fact, it’s everything but ‘wee’, but I can’t resist that sweet, Scottish word. Wee wee wee wee wee. There. I’m done.

Secret? Oh yes...

Papadada, Sticky Baby and I are moving. And I’m not talking houses. I’m not even talking suburbs, nor cities, but COUNTRIES! Even CONTINENTS!

Sweet jesus! We’re moving HOME!!!!!! (There will never be a font big enough or bold enough or sufficient exclamation marks. Just saying.)

After 3 years of living in beautiful France we have decided that a 4th year is no longer in our plans, nor in our hearts. We are ready to go home for good. The two months we spent back home recently were just too golden. Nothing beats family. Nothing beats old friends. Nothing beats the weather and the lifestyle that our beautiful Brisbane, Australia blesses us with. Our baby boy needs his grandparents and his cousins and his aunties and uncles. We need our sanity back.

France has given us so much. Papadada proposed to me in gay Paris. We spent the first two years of our marriage in this country. We made a baby. We created a family, a network of amazing friends, and unforgettable memories.

But now? We are ready to lay down some real roots. We want to be home to share Sunday lunches, birthdays, friends’ weddings, weekend bbqs. We want to open and USE our gorgeous wedding gifts. We want to communicate with our loved ones in real time, not via emails or skype. Give me a coffee date with my mama any day of the week!

My talented and extraordinary husband has secured a brilliant career move back to our home town, so professionally, exciting things lay ahead. Things couldn’t be more perfect.

I can’t even fathom what life will be like back home, for good. Besides living there for 11 short months back in 2006, I haven’t resided permanently in Bris-vegas in nearly a decade. Say WHA? I cant even believe that myself. Wowsers.

The possibilities for Sticky Baby and I are endless. First on the list? Semester enrolment at Gymboree. Baby gym, here we come! Next? Maybe some work here and there for me. Who knows. I’m excited. And the most exciting? The thing that has me doing mental backflips? Perhaps a couple of nights off a month for PapaD and I, leaving the Stickster in the amazing care of his doting grandparents. HELLS YEAH! BRING IT!

Anyways, this post could go on and on and on, like a bad Oscars speech, so I’m going to cut it short.

We leave this Friday. Can anyone say “Surviving on 20 coffees a day”?

Looking forward to ‘Au Revoir’ and ‘G’day’ in the space of a few days.


Sister F said...

Ok so u had me quivering my bottom lip and wetting my eyes reading this while Gray looked at me sideways over his morning coffee. It's not often one cries with joy. Welcome back just doesn't cut it...u know. We love u 3. Jet back will ya. xx PS - Let me know when u r over the jet lag and perhaps we could do coffee monday? Or wed and stay a night at mum's. I've been waiting ten years to say that!!

Erin said...

That is such good news!!!! I am so happy for you guys! There is nothing like being close to family - nothing at all I say! Congratulations!

Natalie said...

Congrats!! I know you must be so excited! I only live three hours from my family but it feels like forever! So jealous you will get to live near yours! That is awesome news!

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