Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How did this happen so fast?

Just last night, I typed that my parents' home was safe and unaffected.

Things have changed. I awoke to a phone call from my father this morning, explaining that they had been awake all night, moving prized possessions, documents, family photos, personal belongings to higher ground - on kitchen bench tops, in the attic of their workplace - anywhere. The State Emergency Service have advised the people in their neighbourhood to evacuate while there is still time to salvage as much as possible. The water has not yet reached them, but it's not far away. Will it or won't it? We just don't know. Preparation is key, and they are doing a great job so far.

I cannot get to them at all. All highways and bridges into their area is now underwater. They are safe, thank God, and will be staying with some friends in the next suburb over.

They are placing bricks under their furniture, as they watch the water slowly making it's way to their back door. It was 10 metres away late this morning - only 3 metres away only half an hour ago. No power, no hot water, no phones. Thank God for mobiles and texting!

My best friend's parents' house is also getting hit by the rising tide. Landmarks that we know so well are going under, one by one.

The Brisbane River is set to peak this afternoon at around 3pm, and again tomorrow morning at 4am. All we can do is wait.

We are praying that the water stays away from our beloved homes. There is still hope!

Thankfully, my parents in law are high and dry, with no impending threat of flooding. We are all safe.

The suburb of Goodna has had sightings of bull sharks swimming in their main street. And a giant crocodile was spotted somewhere in the Brisbane River. Let's not even talk about snakes. Oh, and here's a message to those hideous, selfish people who are LOOTING and STEALING from people in crisis - how 'bout we throw you all in with the crocs and the sharks! Now there's a plan the Brisbane City Council should implement, pronto!

Thank you for all your messages of support.


Homemade Heroine said...

Wow, Lise, that sounds scary. My thoughts are with your and Fred's parents - I hope they are safe and that their property doesn't get too much damage. Jane

Brooke Hall said...

unbelievable lise...this is so scary! i would shit my pants if i walked outside to let colbie out and a SHARK swam by? WTF>?? praying and hoping this rain stops and the waters recede. love you so much!

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