Monday, January 17, 2011

Is this normal?

I am lusting after LAUNDRIES.

But it feels right! Oh so right!

(I totally forgot to jot down these photo references. Shitballs. I am SO sorry to those designers out there. I LOVE YOUR LAUNDRIES! Please, don't send the cyber-police out to get me!)

Are they not the most stunning laundries EVER?! They actually make me want to fold, press, soak and flat-dry-delicates ALL FRIGGING DAY LONG!

Totally inspired, I have used these four designs as a framework for my Dream-Laundry-Renovation-Project (known here on in as DLRP).

DLRP Wish-list:
  • Gorgeous, fresh, inviting colour scheme (I die for the sea-foam/duck-egg blue and white palette)
  • A few favourite photographs framed in classic black & white picture frames. I love the idea of bringing art or family pics into the laundry. For the love of Gayle King, we spend enough time in there, why not make it delicious and aesthetically pleasing?
  • Lots of laundry hampers. Lots. Minimum of 3. (I love the french wording on the 3rd picture - they stand for 'Colours, darks, whites'. Cute and very appropriate for our family.)
  • Drying racks for delicates + sufficient bench space for flat-drying of knits.
  • Cubby hole/locker for each family member. A holding spot for clean, folded clothes if I can't be assed putting them away just yet. Chances are strong.
  • Plenty of storage space for cleaning products, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaner, ironing paraphernalia.
  • Extra storage for additional bathroom/pool towels.
  • A radio/ipod dock
  • Lots of bench space, for folding and sorting or sitting on my ass drinking a glass of sauv blanc, head-banging to the sounds of Lady Gaga.
And last but not least:
  • Fresh flowers. Never going to happen. Definitely, fresh flowers.
I can hear Martha Stewart from here..."The force is strong with this one"


michaela said...

Creative storage can easily become a fetish.

Brooke Hall said...

i agree! i have saved pictures from magazines and blogs of my "dream rooms" and the laundry is a big one! love your ideas!

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