Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mama heart attack #743





Excuse the gratuitous picture of Willy Wonka, but seriously, did I make this kid with Papadada or did I unknowingly breed with a Cirque du Soleil performer??? The kid is not even 16 months old and he has better balance and coordination than me.

I think I feel the stage mother in me burgeoning....

Toddler Discipline Side-note:  What is a mother to do? Ok, so holding the iPhone in his face and taking a besquillion photos whilst squealing in amazed delight probably did nothing to deter his naked Evil Knievel All-Terrain-Vehicle stunt. But I was amazed and dang it, I was delighted!

Tomorrow, I'll be kicking myself.....When he does this....

Shit. Shit. Shitballs.


Natalie said...

hillarious! I think you might have a race car driver or bmxer on your hands! I love that he did all these tricks in the nude. You may also have an exhibitionist. What is it with boys and wanting to be nude? My little man loves to be nude.

michaela said...

Anabelle does things like this as well (only on the little chairs that she stacks on top of the little table). It's like our kids don't like us at all...

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