Friday, January 14, 2011

We return to regular programming...

I will be sure to keep you all posted on Brisbane Flooding updates and clean-up efforts, but in the meantime, I thought I would write a wee post on a big chunk of AWESOMENESS that we recently purchased....

Behold....the FUNPOD!!!

Here's the low-down peeps: This thing is GOLD! I first laid eyes on it at a friend's place, back in September. I kind of pointed, shrugged my Gwyneth-esque shoulders (keep dreaming) and said, 'What's with the weird-ass, cubed-rectangle thingy, girlfriend?'

My friend, being a crap-load more eloquent than I, called it 'The Tower' (very Lord of the Rings). I asked a bazillion questions, probably to the point of being annoying, but what struck me the most about what she said is that out of ALL the baby items she had purchased since her son's birth, the Funpod was by far the BEST! Booya! Now is that a recommendation or what! 

Now, these things cost a pretty penny. One must consider it an investment piece, similar to a pair of Louboutins or a Louis Vuitton bag, except no where near as sexy. Ok, I'm not doing a great job of selling it to you, am I? ...... What if I told you that Sticky Baby happily stays in his funpod for half an hour? And what if I said that he is discovering shiz-loads of kitchen activities, such as playing with soap suds from the sink and whisking omelets? Now I've gotcha!

Since purchasing it, I often simply set him up at the bench while I'm cooking, with a few toys, the odd spatula, and a couple of books. He is so thrilled to be up at my level that he keeps himself occupied. GLO-RI-OUS! No more ankle-gymnastics and tireless tugging of jeans. Me likey.

You can read more about the Funpod here. It is an english product and not easily found in Australia (although the company rep told me they are working on securing a distributor), but I was beyond lucky to find a pre-loved one that I snapped up at lightning speed - like a fat kid on a cupcake. Just saying...

With a busy little man like Sticky Baby, who is 16 months going on 14 years old, I have no doubt that I will be making the Funpod my bitch. Finger painting, cake making, colouring in, arts and crafts - the possibilities are endless!

Perhaps next month I shall teach him to pour mummy a glass of pinot grigio and prep a platter of cheeses and quince evil plan is working...Muwahahahahhah!


Erin {HuddyP} said...

I love this idea. They actually have one similar at a company called One Step Ahead. I keep trying to convince the hub to build one. Yeah right.

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