Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A sc-hairy encounter

Two days in a row, are we all impressed with my posting efforts? Gold star for me.

Anyhoo, I absolutely had to share what i just saw whilst driving down the street a few minutes ago.

A lady, perhaps in her 40s, with hair down to her calves (yes, calves)....

But that's not all folks!

That obscene amount of hair was braided, and along the entire length of the plait were SCRUNCHIES!


As if one scrunchie wasn't enough, this wench had to go and adorn disgrace herself with a squillion of them!

That collection of horrors above? I swear she had them all. And the bottom right hand selection from the poorly chosen brand name EUROTARD? I think they mean U-RETARD. (I'm such a bitch. A bitch I tell you!)

Look, I nearly had a crash. The woman was a walking fashion faux-pas. She desperately needs a one-on-one consult with Ken Paves or Tabitha from Salon Takeover (love that show).

That's my rant for the day.

Karma, be kind....


Mrs G said...

too funny!

Sister F said...

I swear your blog is challenging my pelvic floor through a dose of daily laughter. On that note, may I just remind your fellow readers that the blogger in question here, had an array of scrunchies herself throughout primary school...I think that's what won u the school captaincy...u uber cool 80s child u! xxxxxx

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