Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I rug you

In the throes of planning the decorating overhaul of our new place....it’s a total and utter work-in-progress and for now the best I can do is copy and paste delightful images onto my desktop. Counts for something doesn’t it?

My desirables of the moment - RUGS. Geometric, bold, animal print, herringbone.

Give ‘em to me!

Unfortunately for area-rug-obsessed little me, all of these beauties are nowhere to be found in Oz, but for those of you o’seas, you can score one at www.overstock.com

The hunt continues....but this is for shiz what I am looking for!


Natalie said...

Totally agree, I love a geometric rug and honestly I would have a zebra rug in every room of our house if the hubby would let me! I want that gray zebra rug!

Sister F said...

To die for! No chance of me getn anything remotely stylish in Byron let's face it.

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