Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In love with...

Guys, I’m seriously J-U-S-T emerging from a 2 month long nightmare with the Sticky One. No details to come. None. Beat it, negativity! I’m so done with you!

In lieu of dark, broody, ‘poor me’ sentences, my posts for the remainder of this week are going to be full to the brim with positivity and things I LOVE!

Pictures a worth a thousand words, and Lord knows I can’t string more than four 1-syllable words together at the moment, so here goes...

I love Acupuncture.
I have been going twice weekly for 2 weeks now, and finally, sleep and I are back to being BFFs.
Rachel, my natural therapist, can stab me anytime she likes.

I love flat leather riding boots.
Comfortable, stylish, chic, wintry.

I love earplugs.
Along with the acupuncture, they’re helping me sleep. And really,
what’s not to love about anything this yellow and squishy? 

I love slow cookers.
They are making my weekly ‘menu planning’ a breeze.
Healthy, easy, hearty, delicious.

I love soy lattes.
Now that I am working 2 days a week, I am indulging in one of these either before or after work. 
Peace and quiet, me and my latte. Nutty, milky goodness.

I love IKEA DIY projects. 
That cool kids book shelf? IKEA spice racks, $2.49 each!

To be continued....


Sister F said...

U r a better woman than me lisey! My post would've been full of expletives and self pitying...both my mantras when the kids drive me bananas. U however..a wee bit of fashion and interior decorating...and THAT's what makes u wonderful. xx

x S.K.K x said...

Love the spice racks and Im contemplating trying acupuncture for my sleepless nights - unfortunately I don't have any babies that keep me up...just me and my mind!

Mama L said...

SKK, don’t hesitate one minute for the acupuncture! I am a pretty full on insomniac, with a very over-active mind, and it works wonders! Find a good therapist, and BOOK NOW!

anna@trueself.com.au said...

I'm liking your loves, particularly acupuncture, it's fantastic. I can also recommend the Brauer sleep & insomnia tablets (though not from personal experience, but my MIL says they work a treat!). They're homeopathic tablets and you can get from a health food store.

I loves me a soy latte too! I'm at school 2 days a week so they're my morning tea break ritual :)

Mama L said...

Thanks Anna! Yes, I’m quite familiar with the Brauer products. Unfortunately for me, my sleep issues are as hostile as Maria Shriver towards Arnie Schwarzenegger....but the acupuncture has been simply Ah-mazing!

Mika Clary said...

Glad to hear you're shaking off negativity! That's really how it should be and think of happy thoughts to attract positivity. Anyway, how did you got into acupuncture? Needless to say how much you clearly enjoy it when you said you've been going for it twice a week. Continue it, and enjoy its overall health benefit.

-Mika Clary @ USHealthWorks.com/Sunnyvale-Center

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