Tuesday, June 7, 2011


You know when you need to laugh so much, that you press your lips together so hard that your eyes start to sting?

That was me this morning.

Sticky Baby was pushing around one of his plastic trucks. He came up on the couch to show me that the tray of the truck can lift up. He then looked at me and said "casse", which means 'broken' in french. I explained to him that it wasn't broken, that it was simply a feature of the truck. Still confused, he looked back at the truck, said 'broken' again and then.....


My eyes bulged out of my head.

So he said, this time with a question mark of hesitation,


And then in a really cutesy high pitched tone,


Look, the context of the word is perfect. His truck is broken in his eyes. Fuck!

But I think he's actually trying to say truck. I HOPE HE'S TRYING TO SAY TRUCK!

Gee.Whiz. I think it's time for mama to curb her cussing.

Have any of you had something similar happen?

My friend was telling me the other day that her 3yr old, whilst at the doctor, pointed to a framed photo the doc had of himself with a giant fish on a fishing expedition. Her 3yr old, clear as day, said "Fuck me mum, look at that big fishy"!


Hahahahahahha! Out of the mouth of babes.....


Brooke Hall said...

Hahahaaa!!! Hilarious!! I have to stop the cussing too.....damn!!!

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