Monday, May 24, 2010

And there goes my boob...

Sticky Baby has come up with some new noises. They are gold.

Noise number 1 can only be described as the hissing sound made by giant Madagascan cockroaches. Such baby cuteness, don't you think? Works a treat when old ladies approach him at the supermarket....HISSSSSSS! I present you my son, the albino madagascan roach. And good day to you too... Can you blame me for wanting to videotape it for you? I thought not.

Noise number 2 is a series of Hitler-esque shouts, complete with arm in the air. Scary. We don't encourage it. But still worthy of taping.

This is what happened when I attempted to shoot with the iphone. I got mauled.

That blood-curdling scream came from yours truly when Sticky Baby decided to rip my boob off with his eagle-like claws. It's a small price I am willing to pay for fabulous footage. Of course, no fab footage here. Just me screaming. Watch this space for mini-Adolf and cockroach boy. I will get it...just a matter of time...


Adriana said...

oh my god absolutely pissed myself laughing !

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