Monday, May 24, 2010

"The Excalibur of Thongs"

Yes, that is a direct quote from Papadada. Read on for an explanation...brace yourselves.

Papadada has been lusting over a pair of thongs for weeks now (there is so much wrong with that sentence).

He spotted them a while ago and ever since that fateful encounter, between human and thong, he has been agonizing over not having bought them on the spot. They had disappeared.

Today, the sky opened up and angels descended upon my husband and led him to the holy grail of flip flops. Thongs found. It was love at second sight, all over again.

So yes, to continue his quotation once said hideous footwear had been purchased...

"They are the Excalibur of thongs. Look at them. I've been waiting 30 years for you (the thongs, not me). They are like surfboards for my feet".

Just as I lust over Jimmy Choo pumps, Papadada drools over ridiculously wide thongs. He calls them 'Bongs' short for 'Bogan Thongs'. Seriously, ugliest things ever. Wide, just so wide. Why Papadada, whyyyyyy? Your foot is so long as it is, do we have to add breadth to its resume too? The photos really don't give them justice. These things are behemoths. shudder.

Summer is upon us and I know I have to dig deep and find a place in my heart for these things, 'cause you know they will be stuck to his giant feet for the next 3 months. So help me Jesus.


Brooke Hall said...

those are sooo wide! hahaha!! they totally are surfboards for his feet!
ps- lawton has toes like dane - second is longer than the first ;-)
love the last shot lise :-)

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