Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holy Vespa!

Behold Papadada's new set of wheels.

A vintage 1980 yellow Vespa. We bought it for a song. Wheeled and dealed like we were in the backstreets of Bangkok.

We've named it 'Ze BumbleBee'. Or at least I've named it that. Papadada prefers 'The Wasp'. I think it's a bit of a stretch for a dinged-up scooter, but it does have a lot of zing about it, I'll admit that!
Papadada is a mechanical genius so he is gearing up (no pun intended) to give it a thorough once-over. He is presently in the garage playing with a screwdriver or some tool-ish thingamigigi. I am a tool expert.

The decision to purchase Ze BumbleBee came after one of Papadada's mates bought an old Vespa a few months ago. I've never heard men giggle that much from sheer joy and excitement. Truth be told, Papadada and his cohorts are not the smallest of boys, so you can imagine how comedic a giant man on a tiny vehicle really is. Also, seeing as we don't know how much longer we'll be in France for, we've decided to down-size in a lot of areas, and a Vespa is a definite down-size from a giant Peugeot Scooter, a Honda CR 500 dirt bike, and another old motorbike that we acquired. Yes, Papadada is a vehicle hoarder. Loves anything with a motor. Whipper-snippers, Lawn mowers, anything with an engine - all welcome in our garage.

So all of the aforementioned vehicles are in the process of being sold. Yesssss! Finally some room in the garage and some moo-lah in our pockets!

The other benefit of buying Ze BumbleBee is that I will actually be able to ride it! Not too heavy, like the other bikes that Papadada has had in the past. It will be the perfect accessory to my summer wardrobe. I think I should invest in a chic head scarf a la Brigitte Bardot. Helmets are so last season.

Hmmmm....I wonder if we could find a scooter side-car on ebay for Sticky Baby to sit in..Now that would be too cool. Very Dick Dastardly and Muttley the hench-dog co-pilot. Loved that cartoon.


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