Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Head case

I’ve been contemplating hair-dos of late. Remember how I was biznitching about my fluffy broken baby-hairs? Anyhoo, I am absolutely loving the braid-with-your-own-hair headband that the chicks from The Hills always sport...
...but I’m enough of a realist to know that this will never happen on my head with my own hands. No talent in that department, I’m afraid. What evs. I have other gifts.

So, pre-made headbands are the next best option. Here are a few I have a crush on:

Top to BottomAsos vintage bead and sequin headband, £12; Dorothy Perkins satin knot headband, £7; 2Adorn Ellesha feather bad on black velvet stretch headband, £44; Dorothy Perkins pink oversized flower headband, £15; Juicy Couture embossed knot headband, £57〉

And I think this one would be a sure-fire winner if you were looking for a brief stay at the local asylum:

I know you want it. You want it bad.


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