Monday, June 14, 2010

Shower Power

Sticky Baby has graduated from the baby bath to the shower. Forget crawling or eating solids. This is the real deal milestone.

We don’t have a bathtub in this house (I know, weird, but not uncommon in this part of France). Instead we have 2 very big shower cubicles, big enough to house the bath stand + giant baby bath that we’ve used for the past 9 months. But Sticky Baby is well and truly over the limited wiggle room that the bath provides so the other night we decided to try him sitting on the floor of the shower with Papadada as shower chaperon.

Cutest. Sight. Ever.

Father and son, nudey rudeys, having the time of their lives in our big-ass shower.

Shower time is an absolute hit and provides a solid 20 minutes of fun fun fun for Sticky Baby. In fact, he would easily stay in there for 40+mins, but for fear of him morphing into prune-baby, we turn the taps off earlier.

Papadada left this morning for another 2-day work trip. So what’s a girl to do? Leave her son to shower alone? Hells no!

Cutest. Sight. Ever.

Mother and son, nudey rudeys, had the time of our lives tonight.

Little man had a few grabs at the unfamiliar goods that lay before him but I explained to him that this milk bar was well and truly closed and yes, I look very different to dad. Amazing how even so young, their interest in that ‘domain’ is piqued.

I’d post photos but....I DON’T THINK SO!


Brooke Hall said...

hahaha!! your blog makes me smile EVERY post!! i pictured everything you were saying (minus you and dano neeeeked). loves it! glad you might be finding a new place though, he can't be showering with you when he is 8!

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