Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life’s important questions

I have a few questions about recent pop culture that I just can’t shake from my brain. Must share persistent, niggling, virusey eyebrow arches with you all...

✗ Who the frigg is Justin Bieber? He is 10, right? How is he everywhere at the age of 10? How? Why? Ugh?

✗ Why is Rihanna’s voice getting more and more annoying? Her new song Te Amo....irk.

✗ Did Heidi Montag from The Hills really say she wanted to increase her already-fake-bust-size to an H-cup so that it would match the initial of her name? (eyebrow arch PLUS mouth agape)

✗ How on earth does Olivia Palermo from The City still have a job at Elle magazine? Seriously, she has no skills whatsoever. And isn’t she a socialite with $$$$ coming out of her bitchy, skinny ass anyway?

✗ What the hell is Lady Gaga’s new film clip about? It sorta scared me. Is Alejandro a gay Russian soldier with a Latin name? That’s what I got from it. Can’t be right. Ale-Ale-jandro, Ale-Ale-jan-drooooo (so catchy, yet again, damn you Lady Gaga!)

✗ When are they going to make a show called The Real Housewives of Perpignan ‘cause you can be damn sure I’ll be queuing up for auditions and I WILL nab a spot on the cast. It will be heaps better than The Real Housewives of New York/Orange County/Atlanta/New Jersey.
    Ok, I’m done. 

    Ahhhhh, the cleansing power of a blog. It should be bottled and sold on infomercials.


    Adriana said...

    too funny...i agree with everything you have just said! The Oliva comment cracked me up....she is such a bee-a-tch! and Heidi...don't get me started

    Leny said...

    haha! I've actually been wondering about that video clip of Lady Gaga too! so did someone figured what it is about? it's very scary!

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