Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top Mommy (mummy) Blogs - Could it be?


See that little brown square to the left of the screen? You’ll also find an identical one in the right hand column of my blog. Avert your eyes to the right a little, maybe scroll down a teensy bit...THERE IT IS! SEE IT? Ok good....

Now, you know how your finger is hovering over prime clicking position on your mouse? Ok good! Click, my pretties, CLICK!

Sorry for yelling, but this is exciting stuff. You see, every time you visit us at Sticky Baby, you can click on that brown square of joy to your right and you will be voting to rank this wee blog among thousands of other blogs! A-woop-woop!

I have visions of us being #435, then #103 and then eventually #1!

So train your brains pronto, my loyal blog-lets. Clickity click click each time you swing by and you’ll get us moving up the mommy-blogger ladder, one sticky step at a time.

Pretty please with a cherry on top! Heck, here’s a whole bowl...

(I bought these the other day from the market. First cheeries of the season. Not a type-o. I call them cheeries ‘cause they make me cheery. Too right)


Yossi-Lôngin said...

OK, done ! Mission accomplie
You owe me 10 of these yummy "cerises"...( hey, I clicked 10 times, OK ! )
Come on, you can send them over ! Not by sea freight though !! But we do have FedEx and TNT here..... MDR ( or "LOL" for you Aussie readers :-)
Bisous Lisou

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