Friday, June 18, 2010

Only in France

I’ve got a little sumpin’ to brag about...don’t you hate a bragger? I hate me already.

Yesterday, on my way to get my hairy legs waxed (info overload, my apologies), I was waiting at the zebra crossing when a gentlemen wound down the window of his car and said,

"Excuse me Miss?”

I thought he was asking for directions, and since he called me ‘Miss’, I liked him already, so I stopped to give him my attention. I said,


He said,

"I just wanted to say that you are very pretty”.


Why thank you elderly french gentlemen! Yes, he was older, probably around 55. But it still counts!

That’s all there was to it. No indecent looks, no weird stares, no flirting, nothing seedy at all. Just a really lovely, old-fashioned, gratuitous compliment.

It really took me by surprise (again ‘cause I was on my way to get de-haired, so I was feeling FAR from fabulous), but I thanked him profusely, flashed my boobs (KIDDING!) and was on my way.

I secretly wanted to use my super-hero powers to shrink him down to pocket-size so I could carry him around in my purse for a week. Need a compliment? Poke mini french man in purse.

Mind you, lucky me, I have a large Australian man at home who showers me with compliments on a regular basis. And he’s hot. And he’s only 30.

Sorry, bragging again.

Moral of my story? Give someone a compliment today. It’s nice. It’s really really nice.


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