Thursday, June 17, 2010

Roll up, roll up!

Circus freak-show. That was the theme of my morning.

Sticky Baby was up at 5:50am instead of 6:30/7am. B.I.G difference, kiddo. Would you like your own personal time piece attached to your nappy, just like the rabbit out of Alice in Wonderland? I think you would.

Papadada began unpacking his bag from his recent trip away. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him retrieve and discard a decaying sandwich from one of the suitcase pockets. I have no words.

Sticky Baby has found someone something new to love in the house. The bin. They cemented their love affair this morning with a hug and a kiss. Yes, he kissed our cylindrical stainless steel bin. Note to self: disinfect bin like life depends on it.

I stupidly put my near-empty mug of coffee down on the floor for a minute and when I turned around again, I saw my 9-month old baby skull the remaining java like a seasoned pro. Caffeine is good for babies, right? Mother of the year award, coming my way. Like I needed this kid to be more hectic than he already is.

Nearly forgot. Before his morning nap, he also rode the vacuum cleaner like it was Sea biscuit.

I am waiting for the bearded lady and the lion tamer to knock on my front door.


Brooke Hall said...

you are fucking hilarious!! scuse my language to whomever reads this, but it is the only way to express how funny you are!! where do you come up with these things?!! sea buscuit? baaahhhhaa!!!

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