Saturday, July 10, 2010

S is for SWOON!

I am in Love. Lust. Must-have mode. Wish-list fever. Get me one of these pronto!! Serious, would this not make the most divine new baby gift? Or even for a child’s birthday? Or even just a cool-ass letter to represent your last name?

The very talented Darlinglark, a unique and more-ish online ‘Etsy’ seller, personally hand-draws and customises any letter or symbol of your choice. You can discuss colours and themes with her too, and these unique works of art measure a perfect 8”x10” and are equally perfectly priced at USD$35. I can just imagine how beautiful they would look once framed!

It’s a done deal. I’m getting Sticky Baby one. It has to happen. It might just be his 1st birthday gift. Something that we can look at every night together, picking out the gorgeous details, making stories up of each little drawing as we go. I think there are endless hours of fun and discovery in this gift. I can see it going with him to his first apartment, overseas on his first travel adventure, and one day sitting on a bookcase in his own home. Hold on, do boys do that?? Oh well, this one will. I will just stalk him, framed letter in my handbag, waiting for an opportunity to set it up on one of his shelves.....yessssss.


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