Saturday, August 28, 2010

The french sure know how to entertain

Last night we were invited to dinner by our french/catalan friends.

Papadada and I fasted in preparation for the feast that awaited us. We know how these frenchies roll.

This was a casual friday night dinner between friends - 2 french couples and us ‘fr-aussies’ - all of us in summer dresses, shorts, flip-flops - totally casual.

The meal itself? Not so casual. Because food in France? Is NEVER casual. It’s a very serious affair, from the bread basket to the table cloth itself, no stone is left unturned, no detail overlooked. The way the french entertain still blows us away. The hosts are younger than us, yet their repertoire of recipes and hosting ‘know how’ is simply awe-inspiring.

The Setting - Al fresco, under the stars, dinner table set up on an old stone terrace.

Apperitif - A wide selection of beverages, from dry white wine, to Pastis, to chilled Rosé.

Starter - Cherry tomatoes and fresh mozarella kebabs, cool cucumber sticks with home made yoghurt dipping sauce, freshly baked savoury croissants, filled with asparagus spears, smoked ham and bechamel sauce.

Main - GIANT wood-fire cooked seafood paella. Chorizo, mussels, langoustine, white fish....

Cheese Course - (yes, cheese course) An ashy Morbier, a slab of bluey-tinged Roquefort and a selection of other high-cholesterol delights.

Dessert - Individual, home-made chocolate fondante puddings, with a white chocolate lava centre.

Dessert #2 - (yes, two  desserts) Home-made raspberry loaf.

Dessert was accompanied by champagne. Of course it was.

Coffee - Plunger, of course. Espresso, you bet.

Liqueurs - The 70% alcohol kind...

It’s truly an experience to dine with French people. You never leave the table before 11pm, but what’s not to love about that? Every chapter of the meal brings new flavours and palette sensations. My tastebuds grow new tastebuds the minute we walk through our friends’ front door. These guys certainly put my hosting abilities to shame, but I love learning from them, and watching the mouth-watering show they put on for us each and every time. Amazing.


Natalie said...

That all sounds fabulous!! My mouth is watering at all those yummy drinks and food. Apparently I need to visit France soon or find some French friends to entertain me!

LJ said...

TO DIE FOR. LOVE you Frenchies - and the "Fraussies" :) Lets organise something like that when you get back....sooooon

ashcasa said...

miam miam.........j'en baaaveeeeeeee!!!

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