Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This morning, post-bottle, Papadada and I were watching Sticky Baby play. I love him in his all-in-one, terry towelling pyjamas. The round belly, the cushy tushy, his small, covered feet padding around our living room floor. I melt.

All of a sudden, I blurted out:

“I hope we get a nice daughter-in-law when the time comes. I pray he chooses a nice girl that treats him well”.

This is the look I got from my husband:

Not a true to life image of Papadada. But the look of confusion was identical.

Ok, so maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But don’t you guys sometimes think of these things? Like, what if he chooses a real mole of a lass, a horrid, bitchy, nasty piece of work. I die to think. I know he’s still in nappies and is in no way capable of saying anything remotely close to “Marry me”, but I hope and pray that he picks a nice girl. Just like his mother. HA! Damn right


Natalie said...

You make me feel better! I think about this all the time! What if they marry bitches who never let our sweet sons see us or visit over the holidays!! They always say a daughter is yours your whole life a son is yours til he takes a wife. Makes me so sad. Lets pray they find awesome wives like us:)

Mama L said...

oh i know i hate that saying! UGH! Glad that stuff crosses your mind too

Brooke Hall said...

You are not alone aluuuuuuminium! I feel the same! I think and dream about Lawton growing up and hoping that he makes the right decisions in lied and i believe that he will pick someone like his mama! Lord help us all!!!!! :)

Sister F said...

Yep it's unanimous...never had these crazy ass thoughts until Jude came along. I've vowed i'll be a good mother in law..but i have conditions;) Keep away skanks, love n respect my son and be house proud...or at least clean:)

Erin said...

Oh this makes me sad... I don't have sons and have never thought about it this way. Why you ask? Because I am pretty rotten to my mother-in-law. Well, not totally rotten but kind of. Note to self: be kind to the MIL. Even if she is totally nails on a chalk board and the most invasive human being I have ever encountered. End rant. jk. That is a very sweet post though :)

Mrs G said...

Dude! My baby girtl isn't even born and I think about who she will marry! Hah

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