Monday, November 22, 2010

My Fair Baby

The fair is in town! Roll up, roll up! La Foire Saint Martin comes in once a year, full of spanish gypsies, Nutella crepes, bright lights, and colourful rides. The air is crisp, the coats are out, and sticky baby fingers are tingling in anticipation....

Sporting my gumboots just like all those London trend-setters at summer music festivals 

My first ride - The Star Wars 'Millennium Falcon’
(Clearly, I did not know the actual name of this space craft...but Papadada did, and he insisted I record it in this blog accurately)

How the jeebus does this thing work?

The man just cannot resist a shooting game

Ready to get his junk fries and a crepe. Bring it!

Tragic photo of nose, fly-aways, giant coat that reminds me of the one Anthony Hopkins wore in ‘Legends of the Fall’. Help. But Sticky Baby and fake horse look killer. Photo saved.


Natalie said...

I hate pictures where I look bad but Sterling looks so cute and I feel I must save them. But you look gorgeous as always! The fair looks super fun! and My hubby would be all over that shooting game too, I guess its a man thing!

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