Friday, January 28, 2011

The Boy from Oz

(Not a post about Hugh Jackman, sorry to disappoint....)

As promised, here are some pics from our Tru Blu Australia Day, this past Wednesday. A big “Shank-u" to Zoe and Adam, our consummate hosts, who each year play a pivotal role in their neighbourhood’s Annual Billy Cart Races. So cute! So fun! There were eskys and beer and wine and lamingtons and sweaty children and sunglasses and Australian flags galore! Just the way we like it....

The men’s final once-over of ‘our’ billy-cart 
(and yes, that is a wheelbarrow with wheelchair wheels and two toddlers as the pilots..)

Sticky Baby making a love connection over the esky. That’s our boy.

Totally rocking the oz hat.


Perspiring kidlets under the hot aussie sun. Minutes before the big race.


Brooke Hall said...

You are making me jealous of that weather!!! Soooo over the winter!

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