Sunday, January 30, 2011

I told you guys it was Award Season!

It’s no secret that I am as excited about Award Season as Charlie Sheen in a hotel room full of skanks. So, you can imagine my delight when my lovely blog-friend Erin over at Huddy P, one of my daily don’t-talk-to-me-until-I’ve-read-this blogs, presented me with the Stylish Blogger Award. Hot Dang! Thanks Ezza! (That’s Aussie for Erin.)

In following with this award’s tradition, I shall now list 7 things that you may not know about me:


I didn’t speak until I was 3 years old. You can stop laughing now. And for those of you who know me well, I have MORE than made up for lost time! The reason I didn’t speak until that age? I was absorbing two languages at once, french and english. Now, I am a bilingual genius. Take that haters! PS: How cute is  that pacifier?? You can actually buy them here

I love OPI nail polishes. The quality is second to none and the names they give each hue make me giddily happy. ElePhantastic Pink, MonSooner of Later, Black Cherry Chutney. Love.


See that cat? Mr Bigglesworth? He was previously a hairy feline....and then, we crossed paths and  I WAXED him!!! Yes, I’m a hair removal nut! I love tweezing, hot wax, threading, you name it.  I’ve been waxing my legs since I was 12 years old (I was rather hirsute as a youngster and my mother refused to let me shave. Thanks mum, I owe you big time!). Now, I own my very own semi-professional wax pot and I go all out on my eyebrows (and other areas) every few weeks. Looooooove.


I have recurring nightmares about tidal waves. I’m often standing on the shore watching it race towards me. Weird and scary. Can someone tell me what this means??


Papadada and I were quite old-fashioned when we first started dating. Yup. Day-dates only. Outings to the beach, lunch, movies, stuff like that. It was very sweet and quite revolutionary for both us. Didn’t last long, ‘cause we were H.O.T for each other, but you know, it was lovely while it lasted and IT WORKED! I bagged me a smokin’ hubby from being all coy and frigid. BAHAHAHAHHA!


When I gave birth to Sticky Baby, I actually, physically, pulled him out of my vajin (as Kourtney Kardashian would say). In France, this is how they do it. During the birthing classes, the thought of this made me feel quite grossed out unsure. But, but, BUT, it was probably one of the most exhilarating, unforgettable experiences of my life! Once his little shoulders were out, the midwife instructed me to grab hold of him under his arm pits, and then, voila, I PULLED HIM OUT OF ME AND ONTO MY CHEST! Magic. Pure, surreal, magic. (I kind of felt like Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon). Papadada kept saying, “Holy Shit, HOLY SHIT”!

I speak french to Sticky Baby. 
Papadada and I speak English to one another. 
Papadada speaks fr-english to Sticky Baby. 
Sticky Baby speaks....well who knows what he speaks....but it’s beautiful. 
Seriously, it’s the United Nations over at our house. For real.

And there you have it, readers. Do you still love me or are you all still totally grossed out about the me-yanking-Sticky-Baby-out-of-my-vajin thing? Too much info? Maybe....

Perhaps I should rename this blog TMI....


Erin {HuddyP} said...

I am for realz cracking up. How Danny and Sandy (and not just cause she's an Aussie) of you to have day dates! So PG of you, love it. I am so impressed that you pulled Sticky out yourself!!! You models are so hard core. I bet you taught Giselle and Miranda everything they know. My doc asked if I wanted to so much as feel the top of Huddy P's head and I screamed at her just to yank her out. Hmmph...maybe next time.

Brooke Hall said...

i totally want to do that lise, after watching kourtney, i told jack i was DEF going to do that next time around. i felt lawton's head and them felt like superwoman! such an amazing thins, giving birth!
love these (knew 6 outta 7) heee heee heee, we are friends. real good ones ;-)

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