Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy oz day!

Today is Australia day, the day we celebrate all that is uniquely Aussie and everything that makes our great country so special - mates, bbqs, perpetually kick-ass weather, rubber flip flops, cold chisel songs, Tim tams, Home&Away, tru blu slang that only we understand....ahhh the list could go on and on...

This Australia day is super special for us seeing that we are actually HERE! On today's agenda: a street party in Sandgate complete with sausage sizzle, lots of cold beer and Billy-cart races for the kids!

Sticky baby's outfit for the day will consist of an all-in-one green Terry-toweling suit, baby flip flops and the quintessential Australia flag bowler hat. Pictures to come.

The sun is shining, the sunscreen is on. I love this coutry!

As a side note....we LOVED Black Swan!! What a crazy flick! What did everyone else think of it?


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