Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Renovations are yet to begin (soon, soon) so in the meantime we are nomadically-floating gypsies. This month? House-sitting for my grandparents who are away for 6weeks cruising the world. Some people are so unlucky...

Their Internet connection is about as young as they are which translates to semi-blog abandonment. Posting via iPhone isn't that crash hot though I'm doing it right now..

So don't expect any gems from me in the near future. I will try and brush up on one-liner brilliance though being concise has never really been my forte. High school assignments requiring 1000 words usually resulted in me submitting something resembling a coffee table book. Nerd.

So this is just a short post to gloat that tonight is DATE-NIGHT for the handsome one and I. Hooray! We are off to see Black Swan. Can't wait. Sushi is also on the cards. Double-hooray!

Hope you are all having a good week and revelling in Oprah's half-sister news.


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