Thursday, March 24, 2011

And the page turns....

Next week heralds the beginning of a new chapter for us.

I am re-entering the work-force. It's a 'casual' position, only 12 or so hours per week. But hey, I'm re-entering the work-force nonetheless. It sounds so grown up, doesn't it? Me likey.

And in other page-turning madness....

Sticky Baby is making his sticky debut at DAY CARE!

Hells yes, sound those trumpets! My weasly boy is going to school! Agh. My heart aches yet swells with pride and excitement all at once. 

His school bag is so frigging cute. A canvas replica of a blue Lego block (photo to come). It was a total Kmart score. Seriously, Papadada wishes he had one for himself, that's how cool it is.

His lunchbox? All robots and space invader-like. Awe-some. His sheet-set bag? A retro drawstring number that used to be mine. Vintage is all the rage in creches these days. Or so I just made up.

So two days a week, our little french fry will go to day care while mummy goes to work. It's a big, new world for the both of us. Separation like we've never known. But healthy, constructive, positive separation. 

Part of me feels like screaming "Not my babyyyyyyy!" as I yank him off his scooter, swaddle him and then put him to my breast. But then I release the fastenings on my straight jacket and realise that good things, no, great things, will come of this.

I can't wait for:
  • Finger paintings - his name written in the bottom right hand corner by the teacher's neat cursive
  • Dirty, sticky toddler clothes - testament to the day's adventures
  • Detailed parent-teacher reports - I'm a stickler for bowel-movement and nap info. Shoot me.
  • A new little mate
  • A new little girlfriend
  • Warm, sweaty hugs and kisses at pick-up time
Like sand through the hour-glass, so are the days of our lives....

(wait..who said that? Oh shit, that's right....embarrassing......)


Mrs G said...

oh my god can't wait to see the pictures of his first day!

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