Friday, March 25, 2011

Warm and fuzzy

Today may have been the best day I've had in a long while.

It didn't involve much at all, this lovely day of mine...

Two good cups of coffee before 8am, a warm morning sun, a blue sky accessorised with wispy, dreamy clouds, my husband walking around the house in his best jocks, my baby boy in nothing but a nappy, a lounge room full of brightly coloured wooden blocks, their messiness not bothering me in the slightest, some necessary errands to run, all of them achieved with ease, resulting in a satisfying, audible exhale, a midday swim set to a soundtrack of splashes and laughter, clean, sun-warmed towels, a hearty lunch of last night's leftovers, a damp-haired, sleepy baby down for a restful, water-logged sleep, a cuddle on the couch with my sweetheart, crawling under crisp, white sheets, the fan on low, indulging in a rare, middle of the day catnap, an afternoon tea of chocolate cookies and strawberry milk, the three of us bouncing on the trampoline, fingers pointed upwards at passing birds and planes.

All of the things that I love, but never knew how much. The simple things. The unity and warmth and easy breathing that comes with being with your family.

A perfect day.

I love you, my boys. Thank you xo

Papadada snapped this shot of Sticky Baby and I. I wish he was in it too.


Brooke Hall said...

Beautiful post lise.....makes me so jealous you have Dane home a lot....and makes me look forward to warmer days here and lazy weekends!
Love that picture of you and Remy, he look so happy in his beautiful mama 's arms!!!
Love you!

Mama L said...

Thanks Peanut! Actually, Dane has been so busy with work lately, this was a rare day off where we could actually spend some quality time together. Loved it. Bet u can't wait for summer!! miss u! xo

Sister F said...

One of your best post Lise. I love to hear you so happy! You are a beautiful family. Love the pic xx

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