Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First day on campus

Today was Sticky Baby's first day at day care.

All dressed up in his practical cotton shorts and lightning bold t-shirt, I snapped this shot of him before hopping in the car. (Please excuse the nappy-wearing primate in the background. His name is 'puppy'. Yep, puppy. Sticky Baby says so.)

Look, I'll be honest, there was a fair bit of kicking and screaming and gut-wrenching sobbing, I have to say. But then Sticky Baby turned to face me and said, "Pull yourself together mum and get with the program, you're not doing much for my playground cred here"..

No seriously, the much anticipated 'drop-off' went rather smoothly. There was about 1 minute of crying as I left, but by the time I was settled in the car, Sticky Baby had dried his tears and was in Miss Cassie's lap in the sand pit. Loyal to a fault, my child. Humph.

My bottom lip did quiver a tad, as I walked down the child-friendly ramp to the car park. It's a big day for our family. The start of a new adventure, the mark of a blossoming independence that every parent wants for their child.

Papadada picked him up at 11:30, just as the Sticky one was finishing his lunch out on the wooden deck with his little pals. Ok, so Papadada kinda forgot to bring home Sticky Baby's water bottle + shoes + sheets. But hey, it's his first day as a day care dad too, so I'm letting it slide just this once...

Tomorrow, we go back for day #2, while I tackle a half day at my new job. Yeeeeeew! Exciting!

Oops! Nearly forgot! 

As promised, a close up of Sticky Baby's new school bag that rocks the big one:

Now, is that not Lego-tastic?!?!?!



Sister F said...

Ok the fact that this was "scribbled down by mama" at 6:53am this morning (a work morning for u) means YOU ROCK as a working mum...multi tasking from day 1. I'm 1 very proud big sista. As for sticky, he'll be the prom king b4 we know it:) xxx

Mama L said...

don't be fooled! the blog clock is still set to france time! hahahah! This was 'scribbled down' at around 9pm....still, thanks!

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