Thursday, March 17, 2011


Whilst reading one of my favourite blogs, Dear Baby, the writer, Melissa made mention of one of these....

Behold the Signature Treadmill Desk 9000!

Your eyes are not betraying you. The torturous treadmill did indeed breed with the trusty work desk. Bom-chica-waw-wow.

Genius? Or just plain 'Oh-no-they-di'nt'....(head bob, finger wave, pouty lips)

Melissa testifies in her post that the treadmill desk they have set up at her office allows her to shoot off emails while getting physical. A welcome respite from the sedentary lifestyle adopted by most office workers, no doubt.

Do we love it, or do we hate it?

Part of me is envisioning endless multi-tasking possibilities. For one, blogging and jogging! Fused together, this creates bogging! Hmmmm....sounds suspiciously like a toilet activity....must rethink...

Running while drafting a proposal, lunging as you catch up on Facebook, speed walking and forwarding bad email jokes. Is this machine the answer to enhanced productivity or is this yet another invention lurking in the shadows, ready to snatch away any shard of our 'down time'?

I'm torn between the two. Frankly, as I sit here typing, the idea that my glutes could be getting a workout is rather appealing. Then again, it's all so Jetsons, isn't it?

For those of you loving it, you can buy one here. Or maybe you could convince your boss to get one for the staff room. Just don't go blaming me when he expects you to work like a dog AND look as toned as Madonna.


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