Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have some exciting news, peeps! Can't say too much just yet, but here's a hint...

Starts with W...ends in ORK!

Hot diggity, mama just got herself a job!

At risk of being handed the same fate as Heather B. Armstrong from the world-famous Dooce blog (she got fired after blogging about her workplace), I will refrain from naming my potential future employer. But, what I can say is that it involves fashion and pretty, pretty things. Swoon.

Only 1.5 days per week. The perfect, happy medium between Mummyhood and Womanhood. Yes, they are two completely different things, if yer didn't already know that!

Mummyhood is that sticky realm of unending, thankless tasks, such as:

Wiping down the high chair 834 times a day
Filling sippy cups and water bottles
Preparing snacks
Peeling fruit - or as Sticky Baby says, 'Apo'..that's apple, in case you didn't catch it.
Making food
Heating food
Picking food up off the floor
Packing the nappy bag and unpacking the nappy bag
Hanging out laundry
Folding laundry
Hating laundry
Groceries - while chasing toddler away from the circular deli saw
Doctors Appointments
Changing nappies
Smearing Sudocreme on bum parts
Applying sunscreen
Wiping faces
Putting sandals on
Enforcing 'please' and 'thank you'
Adjusting children in car seats - in and out, in and out...eeech, my back...there goes my neck.
Cooking dinner - cereal
Doing it all over again the next day.....

Womanhood goes a little something like this:

Applying make up
Doing hair
Wearing heels
Slipping into stylish, clean clothes...and staying that way
Indulging in a fresh coffee - from start to finish - no interruptions
Initiating conversations that don't necessarily begin with, "Sticky Baby's poo looked like Kraft Crunchy peanut butter this morning".

Can't really think of much else to put on this list just yet, but hopefully in a couple of weeks time, I'll be able to tell you what it feels like to get back to 'Me' for 1.5 days a week.

I feel a revolution coming on.

Stay tuned!


Anna said...

Ha ha ha, love this post, it really resonated with me today! Now that my little sweet pea has started crawling and into her food, I've suddenly felt the big Mummy/Womanhood divide - and this post has articulated it for me :)

Congrat's on the new job too!

Cheryl E. said...

Congrats on the J-O-B :)

Brooke Hall said...

Woo hoo! Dying to know lise..............can't believe you left us hanging!
Btw, lobe the mom list, everything is SO true....and I too eat cereal or eggs for dinner most nights...too exhausted to cook for myself and Jack!

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